Tipsmaker… the new version

After so many years, although we did not seek change, you imposed it on us. Our readers. You have requested the tipsmaker v2 and you have it on your screens. Changes; Clear and just as you suggested them to us. All right, after all you have a criterion, so you are our readers…

We have added a photo. A picture of a thousand words the Chinese say and we said to embrace them, after all we have been scouring the Asian markets for so many years to offer you the best choices and value-for-money, we have become familiar with China!

Makers are your favorite and are present, rainy and warm, sunny and cold. Always here Hacker, The Dealerthe Balander, like the Master and the lord of surprise, the Bomber!

Every day you can rush to what their Tipsmaker team considers the most interesting choice of the day, the Daily match, a column that reminds us that it had more than 70% confirmation in the first version of tipsmaker. And 70% in betting is not a success! IT'S A THEFT BY WEIGHT OF BUCKS!

The standard of the day always with one click on Banker column, also a column with amazing confirmation rates before changes to your favorite betting portal, while the Daily menu also includes the best GG / NG the Under / Over of the program as well as the top bet of the program, the MUST of the day! what we are playing ALL!

At Free Kick you will find that our team is more interested in reading. Not necessarily a suggestion, it comes out if you cross the lines. But a very substantial free text that illustrates, analyzes, typesets things and situations that may affect a player's judgment. Top column!

Betadvisor is the leading betting company and not only, a global leader and has its corner, its intro to the new tipsmaker, while a multitude of experienced players advise and advise the average gambler on Casino columns.

Of course we couldn't help but include the new version and the awesome livescore with instant and accurate information on every goal in every corner of the planet, highlights page of the big games, but also number one tool, odds comparison and turnover to know exactly what is happening in the betting market before even finding out bookmark and drop prices!

And others to come, you ask for and we offer you!

Until then, stay tuned to the tipsmaker YOUR OWN PORTAL !!!