Tipsmaker… new version.

Our love for sports has prompted us to create a professional website that aims to host the player for many hours, offering everything about his favorite sport. It is a professional betting site created by the 2008 player in the hands of the player-player that started with the sole purpose of football betting.

After 10 years in the field, though we didn't look for change, you imposed it on us. You asked for it Tipsmaker v2 and you have it on your screens. Changes; Clear. Everything and everyone is appreciated. All suggested sites that are uploaded to the site are accompanied by a statistical platform with tables and layouts. Each tipster is rated separately and ranked accordingly. The panel is composed of specialized people who are directly related to the subject.

Leader: Home page editor and editor. Hacker: head and coordinator of the site, responsible for the Daily Match showcase of our site. Dealer: talent mainly focused on the Greek championship but also the European championships. Master: an intelligent tipster excellent at all European championships. Ballander: more than just UK teams. Bomber: in the role of a miner trying to detect the surprises that the coupon hides, offering huge profits. Asian Bet: scours the Asian markets to offer you the best value-for-money options and returns.

Our site includes in addition to 6 tipsters articles and single columns. Every day you can rush to what the Tipsmaker team considers the most interesting choice of the day, the Daily match, a column we recall reminding that it had over 70% confirmation in the first version of Tipsmaker. And 70% in betting is not a success! IT'S A THEFT WHILE THE BUCKS WEIGHT!

The columns with the singles accepted in the Daily supplement GG / NG the U / O as well as the Best of the Day where the top tips of the day go!

Tipsmaker also broadcasts in English, giving the global online community an opportunity to get to know the work done on a daily basis and the sense of responsibility of all stakeholders.

Of course we couldn't help but include the new version and the awesome Live Score with immediate and valid information on every goal in every corner of the globe. A prime service through which everyone can be informed - in addition to live betting events - on statistics, performance comparisons and all the data that is critical to his evaluation and ultimately on the selection of his racing events. The service is subject to constant refresh to monitor the "stock market" of returns.

On our Free kick you will find that it is more interesting to have our reading team offer you. Not necessarily a suggestion, it comes out if you cross the lines. But a very substantial free text that illustrates, analyzes, typesets things and situations that may affect a player's judgment.

Betadvisor's leading global betting tool, and not only, its intro to the new tipsmaker, a multitude of experienced players advise and advise the average visitor with casino analysis on the Casino column.

Finally for the sake of compliance and to inform the public that this CC also marks the start of the new betting season ... Opera means that ZERO ALL SITE TABLES and we start from the beginning.