Alpha lesson ...

The league still has a way to go. So PAOK is likely to increase the difference of 8 points from Olympiacos. Like, eventually, lose it. Take it to Olympiacos. Everything happens when only half the league has been played to date.

Olympiacos doesn't get to win most games to lift the mug. Even if he gets everything (!), The league will lose again if PAOK continues the same path. To win, anyway. Good or moderate performance.

The alpha lesson, the first to teach football, has not been understood by fans. That success is also due to the failure of the opponent. And the fans will never accept this drink because it reduces their team's victory, distinction, and title.

Why did AEK win the championship 2018? Because it was better than the previous Olympic champion. Not exactly! AEK champion after 24 years because Olympiacos was very bad and PAOK paid for his cowboys, sometimes with Ivan's bucket, sometimes with the injury of champion Olympiacos.

Four years without the slightest risk, Tsipras is prime minister with complete stability. His witch? Of course not. He got the championship with a party that was historically circulating on the 4- 5% platform, why? And he managed to make it four years, even by peeping, mocking the principles and positions of his party, why? Because PASOK went bankrupt and ND left.

Tsipras's cunt would be to hold on, at least by applying 17 with 21,5% of what he had committed. PAOK will probably win the championship not with 8 but with 18 points. Not because it's a super team, but because maybe Olympiacos' competitor then has more to lose. PAOK will certainly be worth it because it is better, but its success will also be due to the opponent's weakness.