White ... black!

A match is the final, and the football. That is? The two teams do not count on the scales. What position did each one take in the championship? What was the final grade difference? These are not there.

If PAOK wins the cup again, how and why AEK lost it today is of no importance. It will be written in the kitsap that PAOK became a cup winner for the third consecutive year, after the 2017 final in Volos and the 2018 final in OAKA. With a chat. The third loss in a row, even with the same opponent, for AEK means a huge blow. Relegation. Depreciation.

We have seen them in the tires of Europe. Which favorites? They were amazing things from the underdogs in front of our eyes and we didn't believe them. Alive, true and utterly unpredictable. We said. In one game everything comes up. White turns black.

So, there are no predictions in tonight's final. Everything will be judged by the psychological preparation of the opponents and their militancy. It is probably impossible not to win the team that really wants the cup more. This will happen to the players who will lift the mug at the end, as they will not be affected positively or negatively by the empty court or any other event related to the final.

Tonight will be the team that only deals with itself! She had forgotten everything else, even with who her opponent was.

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