The ball in the favorites ...


Hello my friends,

The teams in England and Scotland are slowly gaining momentum as the races end and we start to see who are the favorites and who are at a lower speed than the other teams.

Liverpool have started the championship impressively and show that maybe this year, as cliché as it sounds, is really their year. The material has it. All that remains is for this good image to last. Southampton does not seem to be scaring the formed Liverpool and everything shows a victory of the "reds" with many goals.

Manchester United after the heavy defeat by Tottenham in Old Trafford, seems to be coming together, from that shock defeat, where the rumors about the departure of Jose Mourinho, had raged. Wolves shows the perfect victim for the "Special One" team and I believe it will have no problem getting the victory, with the world at its side.

Tottenham are looking to lose their footing after a very impressive start, but I believe they will have no problem against Brighton, despite struggling away. Pochetino's team will be on the road early for the win, where they will reintroduce her psychology in view of the difficult sequel to the Premier League and Champions League.

Aberdeen has not started the league with the best prospects, but I think it is a better team than Motherwell. I also believe that it will slowly rise with time, while Aberdeen is also struggling with the support of its people, which means it has the advantage of winning.

Dundee's game with Hibbernian is a no-brainer, as the home side are ... zero points, with the visitors already in fifth place and I think they will have no problem and get the win.

Top Derby between Hearts and Livingston. I believe in the very good start of the home team and in combination with playing at home, I think it has a small lead.


Liverpool - Southampton
Man, United - Wolves
Brighton - Tottenham

1 & O 2.5


Aberdeen - Motherwell
Dundee - Hibbernian
Hearts - Livingston