Ajax Ballet…

It's Ajax year. The Dutch team that at the beginning of the 70 gave the answer to the Brazilian football, the technical, the artistic, the great Baladican. At that time, the world-wide proposal of the Flying Dutchman, with Cruyff the first dancer in Ajax ballet, was totalitarian football, relying on speed and power, but not on the one-sided game of the English school. The English team's racing style was easily monotonous and dogmatic, not Ajax's playing on the pitch when their players were not holding the ball.

He won three European Cups, the awesome, unseen Ajax, 1971 (in the final with Panathinaikos), 1972, 1973 and then consciously retired from the foam of European football. The project is a business, and Ajax has estimated that it is unable to compete with most of Italy, Spain, England and Bayern Munich. So they chose another role in the football market. Not that of high investment, to spend on ready betting contracts.

It is the year of Ajax. In the group with the champion AEK, which they won twice, they did not lose to Bayern in Munich. In the "16" Ajax was defeated in Amsterdam by the European champion 2016, 2017, 2018 Real, whose funeral took place in Madrid with 4-1! And yesterday in Turin, they overturned Juventus 1-0 with 2-1 and sent it too, despite the 1-1 of the first match. It is the year of Ajax. Ajax is again better on a good moon. That is?

Even lifting the mug, like 1995, is not expected to double the success of 2020. We said. Ajax are, not Barcelona and Real, Bayern and Liverpool, whose puck raises value players' markets, which means both depreciation and domination for some time in the champions league. Ajax dominates today because the particular batch of his players, who will sell them. Because he is not able to keep them. Why can't he refuse the financial concessions they make at the Jewish club in the Netherlands?

Ajax will take over the heads of the most wealthy teams and we will see him again after years, when again mature and talented young talent will come together.

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