The sporty feeling ...

Unfortunately, everything revolves around personal interest, and since we are talking about a ball, in this case personal interest belongs to each club individually. It becomes a collective interest, a fanatic. This is also the case on the pitch. As it happens everywhere, in all areas of our society of course.

The orange feather

Arbitrage, unfortunately, is in the spotlight almost every week. Not now, for decades in the country that blooms orange. The referees with their mistakes, especially when they are "fat" whether they judge a match or not, leave no room for the players to react. Don't tell me that many lived and grew up just by critiquing, making a career of keeping the blacksmiths at bay.

Many times the voices of football fans about the respective arbitrations have been and are intense. A fact, of course, that hurts the credibility of our football. That is why VAR was considered to be an essential tool for referees, who were all expected to help Greek football in general. And in terms of making the right decisions, but mainly about the credibility part. To make people believe that Greek football is unreliable, full of shadows.

The piece of credibility

The actors and the world, with its implementation, were expecting that they would not have to say injustice to their group. Says. now, simply, the raptor escaped the fires in a respectable manner, and they headed for VAR, his assistant, the company delivering the phase feed, delivera. To anybody.

What bothers and is good for clubs to do is to see the common good of the sport and not everyone to see their own. Yes, to defend the interests of their union, but on issues that are of common interest, let them join forces. Not to be beaten by statements or announcements. Nisafi now with the boxing wars after defeat or that bad result is on everyone's team!

That's right. Unfortunately, in order to win their world, they like communication games, if not all, most players. But sometimes, when they go beyond the permissible limits, they irritate the sporty feeling on the one hand while they fire on the other and this is the most dangerous.

Will VAR help?

Don't the clubs think it's time to join forces and help the sport move forward? I'm very romantic, huh? Rather. I want to believe that, at some point, when club members realize that working for the common good will benefit their team as well, they will sit down at a table and really look for solutions. Because shouting one today and the other tomorrow is no business. And as for reliability, yes, VAR will help, but only if they leave it alone.

And finally, okay, because we're a stale place, the bias will always exist whether we want it or not. Limit it, we don't want it to disappear. If there is anyone who believes the opposite, he certainly does not live in Greece.