Campionato in the center ...

Cristiano Ronaldo is now playing in Italy, and automatically shifts everyone's attention to Campionato, where Inter have been so boosted that they feel they can beat Juventus at the same time that Milan are again optimistic with Iguain and Paulo Maldini! Roma are starting to become the team of Monchi and that means they are very interested, Napoli is now led by Carlo Ancelotti of the three Champions League, Lazio kept Sergei Milinkovic-Savic and we all hope that the spectacle and the agony in Italian stadiums will keep us in cheetah until the end.

Having broken all records by winning seven consecutive championships and celebrating four consecutive doubles, the Bianconeri have the main goal this year to win the Champions League and have taken care to create a similar roster. The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, the trick of the century, as the Italians called it, was the bomb of the summer and beyond, with Juve being the undisputed favorite to win this year's title as well. No one disputes that, but this year, for the first time in history, if in Turin they have to choose between goals, they will "sacrifice" the scudetto. Although Andrea Anielli does not want to hear such a thing, emphasizing a few days ago that the goal is the treble this year.

Carlos Ancelotti's recruitment at the start of the summer sparked excitement in the Italian south but also in the country in general, after nine years after Carleto returned to Serie A. Unfortunately for the Napolians, however, that excitement did not persist. On the contrary, it turned into a nerve and ultimately a disappointment for the transcription campaign, which had nothing to do with what one would expect. Aurelio De Laurentis… backed Greece with the transfer of Orestes Carnez but the Parthenopi typhus believe he did not support the team in general, with the climate in San Paolo dangerous before the championship even began. And that's why Mauritius Sari is not to blame, no matter how much the president enjoys blaming him for everything ...

The difficult season that was expected last year proved to be a success for the Jalorosi, who finished 3 and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League! On top of that, Monci tried to build on that in the summer, who made several changes to the roster, moving within the rules of the Financial Fair Play. The sales of Raja Naingolan and Alison Becker were not liked by the fans but they liked the acquisitions of Javier Pastore, Justin Cliffert and Steven N'Zonzi, with Eusebio Di Francesco aiming to present a team like: .

Last season started well, continued badly, it looked like it was going to end tragically but in the end ... all good! For the first time since the 2011-12 season, Nerazzurri will compete in the Champions League and have made sure to get as much support as possible during the summer. Ningolan, De Vrai, Keita, Vrsalico, Lautaro, Assamoa and Politano didn't cost much at Inter since Piero Auzilio made his best transfer campaign and is now waiting for Luciano Spaleti to certify this with the team. A team that is being promoted by the Italian press as one of Juventus' main opponents in the title fight, hoping that the Bianconeri will eventually drop all the weight in the Champions League.

Last season ended badly for Lazio with the defeat by Inter in the last match, which also meant the loss of the Champions League ticket. It was a great opportunity for the Romans, who will find it difficult to find a similar one this year. The stay of Sergei Milinkovic-Savic looks like a ... transcript for Lazio, who lost to De Vrai and Felipe Anderson. Bandelli will help center, Korea has come to offer aggressive solutions and Simone Inzagki will try to present a strong team that will be a problem for everyone. If the defense proves to be reliable, Lazio will be good.

For the second consecutive year, the Rossoneri ended the season in frustration, to the excitement of the summer. Chinese Jonghong Lee is a thing of the past, and club shares went to Elliott's Americans, who did everything they could to warm the world again. The return of Leonardo, and in particular of Paulo Maldini, gives credence to the new administration, as the achievements of the Higuain, Caldara, and Bakayoko are credited - on a theoretical level. Beyond that, if Castielho, Lassalt are good, at Milan's Rossoneri side can be optimistic that the goal of the Champions League exit, as Maldini has set him, will be less unrealistic than he initially seemed. of summer. It is enough for Gennaro Gatuzzo to prove credible too…

"Our transfer campaign has been disappointing. If we want the results of the last two years, we will probably need a better coach than me ", said Gian Piero Gasperini a few days ago, describing in a few words the climate that prevails in Bergamaski. The management has decided not to continue and is said to be supporting "Gasp" but obviously the glass has cracked and it remains to be seen if it will be completely broken during the season. A season that is expected to be difficult for Atalanta, which also lost to Caldara, Cristante, Spinacola, Petania.

There was no major loss, except for Bandelli, to the Viola, who sought to strengthen in the end with the achievements of Piazza-Jerson-Saponara-Miralas. With the typhoons having declared war on Diego and Andrea Della Valle, and with Pandaleo Corbino no longer able to do the ... wonders of the past, Florence is preparing for the start of a season in which they basically do not know what to wait. On the positive side, however, is the ebb and flow of Stefano Pioli, who hopes that the aggressive trio of Kieza-Simeone-Piazza will be able to make a difference and bring the world back to Artemio Franchi.

Walter Matsari remained, Urbano Cairo boasts of the money he invested in this transitional period, the acquisition of Simone Jazz in the finale brought some smiles but the truth is that Granata does not, in theory at least, look so different. The goal is to be as good as possible and Torino will be in the first 10 series but up there. The above - and this year - seems very difficult to achieve.
FORECAST: If Belotti scores well, Granata may be in the first 8ada.

The sale of Lucas Torreira may have done well at the club's cash register, but not at the expense of Marco Jambaolo, who thinks this season will be a transition for the Genoese. The good news for him is that there is no big goal he has to achieve, since President Ferrero may be crazy about things. Bluescariati's goal this year will be to play good football, be a tough opponent for all the greats in Luigi Ferraris, and get into the first 10 Series.

The hiring of Roberto De Jerby means that the Neroverdi's have again a coach with an aggressive philosophy. This is Sassuolo's goal this year, to play aggressive and beautiful football, thereby trying to become attractive again and to cover the lost territory of the last two years. Will it be easy? No, but it is not impossible, however, since the administration made sure to bring talent and experience to the team with the transcriptions of Kevin Prince-Boating, Manuel Lockatelli and Kuma Babakar. Beyond that, if Domenico Berardi finds his good self, Sassuolo may actually be better than expected.

Perin is gone, Iso is gone, Cristo is back, Marquette is recovered. The summer of 2018 was another summer of change for Rosoblou, who basically bet on David Ballardini. The 54 year-old technician aims to lead the team in staying untouched like last year while also taking advantage of the kids he has at his disposal, as there are 13 players aged 23 in the roster! This means that his mission will not be easy, once again helping the world, which traditionally turns Marassi into a very difficult place.

The summer was not easy for Kiev, which was threatened even by a reduction in the issue with the balance sheets of recent years. In the end, the worst-case scenario did not materialize, but it is possible that it will take place on the pitch. The "flying donkeys" have managed to convince everyone that they can stay in the category even with… 38 defeats, but the truth is that this year things will not be easy. And this issue that arose with the balance sheets, it is not excluded that he will pay it during the season.

Until a few years ago Friulani was an example for other groups of the same cubic feet, but that has now changed. Transforming Friulli was an important step forward but racing has come a long way, with Udinese now moving players that nobody knows. Who is good, who is not, how much they can help, or if that help is enough, one cannot know at this time. Like what coach Julie Velasquez will do ...
FORECAST: Battle for stay.

Rosoblou have tried to renew their roster as much as they can, but their most important change is in the position of coach. Philippe Inzaghi returns to Serie A with the goal of proving that there is not only his brother as an allenatore and he will be really interested in following his course. If, however, he manages to anchor and take advantage of the Detroit-Falcinelli-Orsolini, Bologna can not only be easily saved but also offer a better spectacle than the last season, when it was now clear that Roberto Donadoni would not have give something else.

The recruitment of Rolando Maran was aimed at ensuring that Cagliari had what Kiev had: Stability. Rosoblou started last season with dreams but managed to avoid relegation in the last games, which means they do not want to go through the same again this year. The good news for them is that they managed to keep the young hitter Nicolas Barrela, who is allegedly on the list of several teams, with Lucas Castro coming in to force the center.

Ensuring stay last year was celebrated as a ... scudetto by Spal, which has the same goal this year. And, in theory, he has what it takes to make it happen. Powerful headquarters, Italian team, aggressive soccer style and - above all - the same coach from 2014. Leonardo Seblichi has managed to build the team the way he wants, and if Petania helps Palloski in scoring, Spal will also be in the running for Serie A 2019-20 next year.

Only one year away from Serie A, in which he returned as a Serie B champion and with the best attacking class (88 goals). However, her defense was just not good (49 goal) and if this is not corrected in some way, staying will look like an endless dream. It would be good, however, to look at Antoninos La Goumina, whom the Tuscany acquired from Palermo and whom the Italians say are the best.

The big comeback! The financial disaster sent Parma to Serie D but managed to return in record time, aiming to stay in the Calcio lounges and slowly build a trustworthy team that would not again be in danger of being relegated. This year, however, he will be in danger, since her top scorer last year, Emmanuel Calaio, has been sentenced to January for the case of imminent demotion. But he did not bring it and Ennio Tardini is hoping that he will not come racing either.

Marco Sportiello should be rock bottom, Daniel Ciofani should be netting and coach Moreno Longo should find a way to present a team as tight as last year's Serie B. Apparently another Serie B and another Serie A, but if Frosinone is a serious defender, he will have a hope of staying. Otherwise, like the previous time he had climbed into the 1 category, he would be relegated without much.