UEFA's new trick…

Do not tear the tights of your opponents. Greece won 1-0, also Hungary's fodder, and got it, he says. its up. Morality that needed it in the face of tomorrow's showdown, critical and great. with Finland. And as analysts at Plaque comment, if the national team wins again, it hopes to take first place in the group.

The measure is missing. Talk about the new UEFA Bay, the so-called nations league. Slowly the eggs. Greece are in the group with Hungary, Estonia and Finland already counting three wins. Slowly, baby, the great success, the enviable, that will remind us of the course of 2004 and the first place in Europe.

Bad lies. There is no national team. It is unmatched racing. Not enough for something worthwhile. And it is a joke to talk about success if the team takes first place in a group with also sorting gaming opponents.

Don't be fooled. We don't have football. Championship and national team. And how to have it when we don't care about the object. We are not serious. And do we want ... successes to celebrate? Sorry.

The day before yesterday, the internationals did not look at the OAKA in the bunker with Hungary. The fact that they won with Mitroglu's goal says nothing. To say what a victory when the national is not a team, does not play as a team.

Victory does not fool you. Make black, white. When, indeed, the opponent is the same lame, lame, blind man. A secondary, like the Greek national.

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