The New Palace of Real ...

As Perez holds the money for his ornament, the team cheats and fans grumble and dream about transcriptions. What is the right path for the Madrilenes? "As" had as its first main text a question of its own on how Real could spend these 575 million on its funds. It is essentially a set of different loans to receive, which was recently approved by 92% of the socios to make the brand new ornament to replace the aging Santiago Bernabeu. Work is expected to begin in the summer of 2019 and last for 3,5 years.

The president of Real has raised everything, even on a crazy record, and on many occasions he has now set his sights on something even more radical and grand: the club's new stadium. That is what will put her on the road to the future, since in terms of facilities, the truth is that the Queen does not live in the… palace she needs.

He's sorry for Eden Azar ...

This was interpreted to be the main reason for non-transcriptional support this summer. Not even the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo was able to force Perez to release money to replace him. He had no intention of getting them off the field and throwing them into the bargain. He has shown in his stance with Eden Azar that if he were to move for someone, he would do so only for Neymar or Kilian Bape (ed: Madrid publications, of course, indicate that he may have regretted it). for Azar).

Perez took his risk and at first he loses at least the Merengues' racing image that is infinitely bad. 409 minutes without goals look endless and torturous for the three successive champions of Europe, while the roster remains shallow to claim serious things, always in combination with the many injuries that have hit it unpredictably or unpredictably: wrong choice to rely on Bale).

So that's how 'As' raised the issue. This is basically a reflection on the Madrilen head. It goes without saying that they are all crazy about the idea of ​​a perfect space court, but at the same time ... they go crazy about their team playing so badly and showing off energy, courage and choices. And somewhere there is the dilemma: Should we leave the pitch to radically renew the team with young Galacticos or be patient and create something dynamically wonderful?

The truth is, of course, that Real's fans do not like these decisions. It goes without saying that they want both at the same time ...

A super talent at its peak…

Years are hard for you to be a Rossoneri fan. In the past five years the typhoons have forgotten the melody of the Champions League, they are tired of fighting for the 6 Serie A status, they have seen unlikely players wear the shirt and with the exception of individual restraints, they do not remember how to get it Their team has a super talent at its peak. Formerly Adriano Galliani with at-zero-cost opportunities, but later with players who had once shown something good, the club did not get a player to face the future and his best years at San Siro. So this moment is back. As it became known from reliable sources in Italy and Brazil, 7 times champions Europe found them with Flamengo to acquire 21 multifunctional medium, Lucas Packeta, whom many powerful teams wanted.

His appearances with Flamengo made him a list of Brazilian substitutes for Russia's Mundial, while he recently embarked on a mission with the US and El Salvador, in which he recorded two appearances as a replacement. Leonardo took advantage of his good relations with Flamengo and instead of the 50 million of his clause, he closed the deal with 35 which will be given in small installments. Gatuzo will have a player who has been converted from a dime to a player who can fill any role, but for the Italians the most likely scenario is to use Milan as the most promoted 4-3-3, in a position where now Jack Bonaventure plays.

The Package is the most accurate Brazilian transfer in Serie A and, in addition to an option that is expected to be useful to the coach, is a moral boost for fans. The disgruntled typhoon sees Milan long after getting a player at his best without waiting for a chance. An all-around midfielder has been joining the roster since January and everyone at San Siro hopes to continue working and selling the world in red and black ...

FIFA in Platinum: Defamation lawsuit!

Former UEFA President Michel Platini, whose football activity is currently suspended, has filed a defamation lawsuit against strangers in the French judiciary. The move was designed to determine the role played by former FIFA executives in his own case, including Sepp Blatter, the French daily Le Monde reports.

Former UEFA president determined to shed light

Expelled for 4 years by FIFA's disciplinary bodies 2015, Michel is determined to shed light on the circumstances that led to the measures against him. In particular for the payment of 2 million Swiss francs (1,8 million) received by 2011 from former FIFA President Blatter.

Former National Number 10 of France and Juventus filed a slander and conspiracy lawsuit with the Public Prosecutor in Paris.

He, in turn, launched a preliminary investigation to determine the role and level of responsibility of three former FIFA executives who have been on Platinum's watch: Blatter, the former chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee, Domenico Scala and Former FIFA legal director, Marco Villinger.