The Blue Derby… (FUND - 5,45)


Hello my friends,

Another one in England and Scotland, with the blue derby between Chelsea and Manchester City singling out this one at Stamford Bridge.

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Liverpool are always dangerous when playing with ... small and medium-sized teams like Bournemouth, but this year's Liverpool is not the same as other years and shows it in every way, and even if not found a good day finds a way to get the result that wants. So today he will easily or hardly make it and let's not forget he is still undefeated in this year's championship.

The blue derby between Chelsea and Manchester City, with this huge game of course not there, but it is certain that we will see a lot of pace from both teams and the ball going up and down and given that there will be a lot of goals in this game with over 2.5 being one way.

Difficult exit for Tottenham at Leicester headquarters The odds are quite high and I think it is worth doubling as it is a team that shows character and this season, while Leicester are either of height or depth, so we will go with the team that is both more consistent in performance but also much better overall as a team, in terms of roster.

Celtic may be back in the standings right now, but one should not forget that they have two games less than Kilmarnock. Also the fact that they play at home makes the champions an automatic favorite and I think it will get the victory and with a great score and the stadium is very likely to ... go down.

Despite her prolonged haircut, I think it's time for Hearts to get a big win and move up a bit, as the team that ... at the beginning of the championship ... disappeared and in combination with playing at home and one a team of lower quality, logically will be able to win and return to success.

Livingston has been a shadow of itself in recent weeks, but with the help of its world and the thirst for players to win all three points, it could reasonably be able to bend its resistance. Mirren and get this valuable win.


Bournemouth - Liverpool
Chelsea - Manchester City
Leicester - Tottenham

Over 2.5


Celtic - Kilmarnock
Hearts - Motherwell
Livingston - St. Mirren

1 & Over 2.5