The advantage at home…


Hello my friends,

We are now halfway through the Irish championship, with the second round of the championship being completed today and the seats having the advantage.

The good news for low-scoring teams is that the latter two are already far behind and will fight for the Play-Outs with each other, except for the shockingly unexpected. So Sligo Rovers, which is just two places above ninth, has eleven points and is struggling without much stress, but again I think the Bohemians have the lead for victory and home, and for the reason that it is better team of course.

In this game between Derry City and the Harps there is a clear favorite and this is the home side, as well as being in fourth place and chasing Europe's ticket, while Harps will be racing to avoids direct relegation.

Cork City have begun to rise, but Shamrock Rovers, after two consecutive wins, seem to be returning to their good fortune and with their world ally, I believe they will prevail over their opponent.


Bohemians - Sligo R.
Derry C. - Harps
Shamrock R. - Cork C.