The advantage of the seat ...


Hello my friends,

There is usually no Premier League midweek this week, but this week the Championship also has a vacancy, so today we have to deal with the English League 1 on Tuesday.

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The second Burnsley standings hosts Burton. The home side have been very good in recent weeks, where they have won four of their last five games and a draw. Barton, on the other hand, have been unbeaten in their last five games, but with four draws and one win. I believe that the home team is a better team and that it will have its world together for the win.

Derby derby for Rochdale and Wimblendon, with the home side having the advantage of being a better team, with the guests being in a very difficult position. They also won the previous race, which I don't think it can do again, with Rochdale also having the advantage of home.

In the game between Portsmouth and Bristol Rovers, I think there is no particular analysis. The hosts in addition to playing inside are third parties, while the 20 guestsThe. Characteristically, Portsmouth has almost double that number (60-33) so I don't think Bristol has much hope of getting something positive.


Barnsley - Burton
Rochdale - Wimblendon
Portsmouth - Bristol R.