The scandal…

The dirty one wants to get out of the middle too dirty and puts in front of the familiar bay since the muds came out on the streets. One shark accuses the other shark in all its tones and almost succeeds in convincing him: That the opponent is indeed corrupt while the soul and body itself is against corruption, the entanglement. While the opponent works in the background, the alleged crusader of resolution is non-negotiable in favor of transparency.

The well-known scenario in the politics arena. Confirmed in every case by all governments. They campaign incessantly to complain about scandals, and as soon as they become a government they head into bigger financial scandals.

Until yesterday, the former president of the EPO was the CEO of the organizer of the championship, the super league. The scandal. What is the scandal and does not honor all those who have stunned our love with… consolidation?

Gagatsis was expelled from the league because he was found guilty of being final and irrevocable in the scandal of the television rights of the EPO. The PAE that starred, that gave… fight αλλά to change the administration of the federation, as well as the minister of syriza Vassiliadis with the president of the EPO made the fool of Gagatsis's discount.

The issue is not whether Gagatsis is really guilty or a victim. But the provocative hypocrisy of the "sanitizers" and their evasion to replace, as provided by law, a person accountable to justice.