The super league ...

Alexander Schefferini as UEFA president and Andrea Angeli as ECA president are in constant communication on Tuesday and will meet to discuss changes to the Champions League, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Changes that are not foreseen to happen immediately but - if they happen - will be from 2024 onwards, a year-long milestone for world football as Anneli has said many times, since the UEFA and FIFA international calendar must be written from scratch. for clubs and national teams. According to a WSJ report, the discussion between the UEFA and ECA presidents will not only address the issue of the Super League, which… both Schefferini and Anneli deny, but also the possible changes to the Champions League with the Means to mention two.

The first concerns a system of "ascent" and "demotion" that may be established and which will obviously be based on the performance of each team. In this way, the Wall Street Journal writes, for some teams the Champions League may be almost imminent. The second concerns the possibility of some matches of the top inter-club competition being held, from 2024 onwards, at the weekend. Something that will cause inevitable problems in the national championships. Reading the changes they are thinking of making and bringing to mind the fact that this issue has been a concern for a long time, either with posts about a decision that has been made, or with the changes that UEFA has already made in the Champions League or others that are thinking to make in the future, he concludes: Why don't they directly say that in the end we will be led to the Super League?

Having "ascents" or "relegations" that will make it almost impossible for some teams to qualify for the groups seems like a victory for the big clubs that want the Super League and not as a move by UEFA to protect the status quo. In order to avoid misunderstandings, this is not written to defend, for example, the Greek teams. After all, there is no one to convince you that Porto (or Lyon will ever be), in terms of a stable presence at a good level in Europe. It is written because the European federation is supposed to want to defend football, the open Champions League for everyone, etc. But it is supposed. Not valid. Because if it were, UEFA would not have already given direct tickets for the groups to the top four from Italy, Germany, Spain, England.

If it had also been the case, it would not have eliminated the possibility of a surprise in the Champions League, taking care, as it only knows, to empower themselves - through continued success - themselves. To put it even further, we would say that if the UEFA wanted the Champions League to really appeal to everyone and everyone had the right to dream, however crazy it was, it would eliminate the clubs. Michel Platini said or did a lot of… stronzate, to say Italian, as UEFA president, but he had once said, in a flash of it, something very right: Get rid of clubs and get organized again like they once were. With knockout games, that is, from September to the final.

Why can't the big ones kill each other from September, October or November, paving the way for the little ones to go further than they can now? Because the money is a lot and a Champions League in which big names will have left early and some Steaua, Anderlecht or Eindhoven will move forward, it will not be commercial, is the answer. Since UEFA is therefore thinking about money, since UEFA has taken so many years to educate adults about money, it is absurd to react now because these adults want even more money.

"We are talking about a company with 10 billion euros a year. Enough with the UEFA theater… ", said Nareli's Aurelio De Laurentiis, showing how the big clubs think and what financial difference, in their favor, will exist if the Super League is created. But this is a danger that does not exist, because the European federation will not allow it. Simply put, it will be even more difficult for the little ones to get into the groups with the "ups and downs" and the "relegations" in the qualifiers, it will be impossible for anyone to proceed with the event - so get a good share of the money that exists now - from the little ones and maybe from 2024 they will accept some Champions League matches at the weekend, because then there will be even more revenue, as all the research done by the clubs that (allegedly) want the super championship will show.

We will have the Champions League though. Not the Super League, which we will simply call - so that the world does not disappoint - the Champions League ...