The last own goal…

Giuseppe Maria Bartomeu, in five years, disbanded a team that had won the treble, made the best player in the history of the club beg to leave (Lionel Messi), owed a profitable company that has an annual revenue that reached one billion euros before the coronavirus and, having been gone for more than five months, is tarnishing its prestige with the now infamous "Barçagate", due to which it may spend a considerable time behind

At least, Bartomeu's last own goal will not cost Barcelona, ​​of course, apart from its wounded prestige. Judge Alejandra Hill released Bartomeu and his right-hand man, Jaume Massferer, on remand, who spent Monday night in custody.

Barcelona, ​​as a club, is acquitted of any charges in this case. And how could it be done differently, since Bartomeu and Massferer are suspected of mismanagement and difference AT THE LOSS of the fund of the long-suffering Barça?

Executive Director Oscar Grau and head of the legal department Roman Gomez Puddy had been released since Monday and today, Tuesday (2/3) went to work as if nothing had happened.

But it happened. Because from June 6, 2015, when Bartomeu "stepped" on the treble to win the presidential election, the transition to the new era, after the departure of Xavi and Andres Iniesta, was done in the most wrong way.

The necessary renewal was made with completely misplaced investments, Neymar's 222 million euros went essentially to… garbage, the club in order not to spoil the fate of the footballers skyrocketed their salaries (with the result that the annual expenses reach almost the income ) and the project of complete renovation of "Camp Nou" froze completely.

On October 27, 2020, Bartomeu submitted his resignation, in order not to leave (completely) through the back door, following a motion of censure against his administration. On Sunday (7/3), the elections for the new administration are a (small) ray of optimism for a better tomorrow, although the successor of "Barto" (probably Juan Laporta) will be able to rightly say that "I received a scorched earth »