The Liverpool outbreak… (2 FUNDS 4.50 - 6.40)


Hello my friends,

No Scottish league this weekend, but with very big Premier League games for Europe and the league, with Liverpool expected to break out against Bournemouth at Anfield.

Manchester United are back for good and lose points with nothing! Also from the pre-final and 19 championship standings, Fulham is expected to take a healthy walk to London and leave with yet another victory, continuing its excellent run, making it to the top four and the stars. of the Champions League.

Liverpool are expected to break out against Bournemouth at 10 after two consecutive goals, bringing Manchester City back to the top tier but with one game less, coming from an away defeat from Cardiff. Liverpool have won three of their four games at Anfield, and one game ended in a draw, and in the first round, the Reds were forced out by 4-0.

Arsenal face Huddersfield at home and want to return to Manchester City after their much-anticipated defeat. The visitors are certainly a much better team and I believe they will have no problem getting the win against the scoreboard.

Lunchtime derby between Middlesborough and Leeds, with both teams close enough to claim a ticket to the Premier League. In particular, the home side are fifth with 50 points, while the second half are in the first place with 57 points. Logically it will be a close game with few goals, with the two teams tight on the scoreboard.

Bolton and Preston may have just five points difference and are low in the standings, but the visitors have found themselves as they have two consecutive away wins and Bolton being weaker, I don't think that will stand in the way.

Derby hosts Hull at home and Frank Lampard's team definitely wants the win, to stay in the lead-up to the playoffs and I believe in those games, the home side plays a big role and Derby has a good base and he will easily or hardly manage to win all three points.


Fulham - Man. United
Liverpool - Bournemouth
Huddersfield - Arsenal



Middlesborough - Leeds
Bolton - Preston
Derby - Hull

Under 2.5