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Hello my friends,

It may be a Champions League day today, but the only thing certain is that the Championship is back on track, as the 32 race continues with its second installment.

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Champion Norwich face Preston at home. Personally, I consider the Norwich high performance a great opportunity, as the two teams have 20 points difference, the hosts coming from two consecutive wins, while Preston, despite their recent climbs, remains low in the 14 rankings. place of rating. I believe it is easy or difficult for Norwich to get the game.

Leeds welcomes Swansea. After all, it is also true that in the previous game, since the two teams have a big difference. Specifically, Norwich is second, while Swansea 11 and with the home advantage will be able to win and return to them.

The game where the two teams are close together is Sheffield United and Middlesborough. Here I go again with headquarters, as especially in such games where teams are close, the stadium plays a very important role.

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Preston - Norwich
Leeds - Swansea
Sheffield Utd. - Middlesborough