Tourist character ...

AEK lost to 3-0 in Amsterdam from Ajax. Whoever really wants to score a team is not in the scoring. Football is a disgraceful thing. Extremely unfair, disproportionate. Until the lower wins. The much stronger one loses.

Ajax had 553 correct passes against AEK's 218. Keep in mind that one team was trying aggressively, creatively, the other defensively. Dutch team held 62% ball and 18 final against AEK's 4

In Tuba the sight was sad. Chelsea was playing against PAOK, who had a solid role in the combo. The English team, which won only 1-0, had 68%, 21 final over 3 of the home team. And 563 you are against 251.

In Karaiskakis the same sad picture. Olympiacos managed to achieve his goal, finishing the match without eating a goal. This was his biggest game of the game, from a defensive stop to Betis, who had 69% possession, 685 correct passes against 190. In ... the final score was 13-9 in favor of the Spanish team.

On the pitch speaks of the difference between European football and the ball played in Greece, and from the so-called… big teams. Next is the comparison. In fact, every local team, even the one that wins the European competition, is only interested in the championship. The meaning of presence in Europe is tourist. Everything we steal.