Train nonstop ...

PAOK train is unstoppable. Stunning track record in producing results. Scoring crop that fits a champion without an opponent. Unbeaten, 15 wins, just a draw. Consistently ahead of 8 degrees, though it started with minus two. Never in his history has PAOK ever shown a more credible presence in the league. Even his two mugs in the ... forgotten past did not conquer them with the same ease ... as seems to be the case today.

An opponent of PAOK. Olympiacos, who lost to AEK last season and this year, is threatening to double his failure at PAOK. The project is not finished. AEK champion is off the radar, Olympiacos hopes ...

There are still 14 games, so everything is in. Nothing has been definitively judged. Olympiacos did not lose it, PAOK did not lift it. The game will be played in just a few days. When the pioneer PAOK will pass through the Stones waiting for him. Specifically. On the 19 race PAOK plays with AEK in OAKA. The clash is endorsed by the… antecedents of both teams, as well as the criticality of the match.

PAOK welcomes Toumpa, with bouquets and without sparklers, flares at Olympiacos in the 20. PAOK then has two other derbies ahead, with Mars inside and Panathinaikos out, since 21 will previously play Rizopolis with Apollo.

And by losing to AEK and Olympiacos PAOK will remain at the top of the standings with a difference of at least two points. Both defeats, however, and the approach by Olympiacos, even eight games before the final, are likely to affect PAOK psychologically. Yes, because the title passes through the Colonies in the ensuing strait.