Trinity x8,5 her money!

Asian bet

Turkey scores and concedes goals with ease, has been the joy of Over 2,5 and the double for a long time. With the last sample 4-2 with the always strong Netherlands a few days ago. Tonight's opponent, Norway, has Haaland and a defense that is easily violated. In the matches between them (in the neutral of Malaga) everything shows easy or difficult Goal and Over 2,5. At 2,32.

He almost stepped on her Belgium with Wales, had to press the accelerator and turn it around, but eventually got the 3-1 victory. Today in the Czech Republic everyone knows how much harder task they have to accomplish and will be infinitely more focused. And this bunch of Belgians when they are serious and focused, is in danger of death. At 1,87 the double.

Ireland has many problems and absences, while its roster is not the best that the team friends would like. Against Luxembourg inside, however, he is the undisputed favorite to win. Without a terrible attack though. 2-3 goals are the most probable outcome. At 1,95.


Norway - Turkey
Czechia - Belgium
Rep. Ireland - Luxembourg

G / G & O2,5
2-3 Goals