Trinity for hurried people!

Asian bet

Ireland started and in the first race the Longford, team with a division roster and not a premiere. And he plays with her Derry who last year had only one problem. The goal. And this year he has two players capable of scoring 12-18 goals each (Parkhouse, Akindude). Derry starts with a double and 1,90 is marginally accepted as a bet.

In the Super League and the playoffs Volos with a victory tonight against the decimated OFI survives mathematically and will remain looking for a draw in six games to avoid definitively and any chance of a draw. Not that he has a serious problem now, but for the typical one. Wins today and cleans. At 2,38 the ace.

Her evil demon Real was once the Thelta. And then came her fall that deprived her of quality and impact power. And Real has a series of games that την cafe Vigo's team. But now, with Europe the first target of the queen and the fatigue from the constant matches and the constant problems, the gel is easily made. 1X at 2,12.


Celta - Real M.
Volos - OFI
Longford - Derry