three ... and mom's leash!

… Continued on screen. The new episode next Sunday in Tuba. The hospitable and peaceful. PAOK and the minds on the bars, on the one hand. Legend in all of Greece, on the other hand. To be happy everyone, this time it doesn't happen ... as it is, that is, the work with the Athens 1-1 between the champion AEK and cup PAOK.

So is. And at Olympiakos, they were happy with the "X" of the other two. They also have their own war for the second place, but Olympiakos was pleased with the victory of AEK. The defeat of PAOK.

Good and the tie! Don't want them all at Olympiacos. The 8 scores became six, and if they manage to get it on the cards without a fight, the difference with PAOK will be reduced to three. And mom's leash after ...

PAOK is also pleased with the 1-1 at OAKA. He remained unbeaten. Maintains a safety difference. He has the excuse that he was playing with ten for an hour.

AEK is also pleased. He ate a funny goal. She was not given a penalty. He dominated the game. So, he was unlucky. So, very good at exams. And what does AEK hope for in Tuba? To kill the other two. To get their eyes out. No one wins. Punish both packages. From toilet paper tossing. Widow's handkerchiefs. From black papers, from cigar papers to the Ivan factory, from letterheads, from stuffed birds. Everything else plays in the stands.