Ax on the head…

This was not a shock. Cooling in water from a waterfall. It was an ax to the head of PAOK, by "his" man. The coach who sold, that is, who worked for everyone, with paoxidism. The Romanian Lucescu, the fighter of the saints of PAOK and the most fanatical spokesman in the war against the establishment that wronged PAOK. That stole a championship from him.

It's not done again. Coach to leave the team in cold, frigid waters as the preparation begins. The big-name superhero, the one who essentially started his first career coaching career in the Balkans, with PAOK.

Why did the Romanian flee from PAOK, from which he would never leave? He was really accepted by everyone, journalists, veteran footballers. When, in fact, he did what he wanted, he was bought by players of his own choice, and they rejected those who rejected him. And he was getting the most money from any other local league coach.

PAOK with Lutsescu got double for the first time. He got undefeated championship. He took two consecutive Greek Cups. Will such a success repeat the 2019-2020 season? If not, had he continued in PAOK, he would have cast a shadow on his professional triumph. And it would weaken his resume.

It is not only Lutsescu who thinks so. The same is true of all coaches, especially those who do not trust their star in a job that is by definition unsafe, such as coaching.

Then there is the other. The money. For the petrodollars he sold PAOK dry. He did not go to a better team, he went to an Arab team. To win a world title with his new team, does not count, does not get points his name in Europe. The man, however, was stunned by the offer made to him and surrendered his spirit.