LEGANES, SPAIN - AUGUST 27: Head coach Diego Pablo Simeone of Atletico de Madrid reacts ahead of the bench during the La Liga match between Club Deportivo Leganes and Club Atletico Madrid in Estadio Municipal de Butarque on August 27, 2016 in Leganes, Spain. (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images)

Until 2020 ...

The truth is that in the history of the game these two do not necessarily meet. When the team is going well, it does not necessarily mean that their finances are blooming. We have seen it endlessly destroyed after some success. There are, therefore, several factors that need to be set up correctly for success to come together and especially for long-term success. It's about duration, plan, management, vision and most importantly who is in command. Atletico, then, at the height of its history, has succeeded in having bosses with prudence and insight (Enrique Therese, Miguel Angel Hill Marin) and above all, Diego Simone.

Seven years at the wheel of Rohiblanco

Next January, Tsolos will be at the helm of the Rohiblancos for seven years, with his coaching and communication skills… his personality, passion, taste have taken them off. And this conversation is not about the racing track, the style of play that has been analyzed many times, but about combining the influence of the Argentinean technician through the successes on the pitch, with the staggering increase in scale across all economies. pointers of the club.

The previous 24 hours happened two terrifying things in the magical world of modern Atletico. The first was that the members were found by the 80.000 of the 2015, have outgrown the 123.000 and continue. This, along with the wonderful and state-of-the-art ornament of the 68.000 seats exceed the 65.000. That is, the big team appointments could have been double-and-out - sold out. The club gains not only the confidence of the Madeleine supporters who can see them closely, but also the public around the world.

All of this, therefore, brought the other huge news, the one that explained that the club's budget for the 2018-'19 season was 403 million. It is an incredible number to think that when Simone took over, the team was in a downgrade position and had just been excluded from the Albathe Cup, having a budget below 100 million. Correspondingly, this 2012-'13 was at 123 and that year they had calculated that they would be above 400 at 2020. Eventually their successes reached their goal two years earlier.

Brand names in world football.

So nice systems and racing styles, but in the real debate now about Simone and his real contribution to what the club is experiencing, it's good money. Basically this is something like the sixth sense even for the ball. It's that without it, no one can serve the other five. And at this time, Atletico's… senses are more than… sharpened, which gradually puts him on the brink of very big brand names in world football.

Something similar has never been experienced again, and that translates into a tremendous amount of television, but also of the La Liga and Champions League. With the new UEFA agreements, they calculate that they can make even 70 million in return on winnings, draws, qualifications, while in the most centralized television management in Spain, they expect more than 110 million a year.

Also, its roster has huge options for everybody interested. Indicatively, in this year's derby with Real, the total value of her players for the first time exceeded that of the fellow. Not of course he needs to sell like he used to. She can now give her stars a good contract and persuade them to stay on the project, as fancy did with the refusal of world champion Antoine Griessman in Barcelona. Nobody wants to leave there anymore. The team is not even considering negotiating for Coke, Grieman, Saul, Hymeneth, Lucas Ernantes, Oblak, Diego Costa, and is paying well for transfers, as did Diego Costa last year and this year with Lemar.

«Wanda Metropolitano»

Debt is the only thorn in all of these wonderful things that happened at "Vicente Calderon" and is still going on at Wanda Metropolitano. It has gone up crazy, exceeding 500 million. In itself, this negative development seems frightening, but in fact it was something planned to happen and it is well arranged. This came from borrowing to build the new stadium and the doses have gone up to 2027, indicating that everything is under control (ed: the largest amount goes to the wealthiest Mexican, Carlos Slim).

So with all of the above, and with the extension of Simone's contract to 2020, Rohiblanc objectively gathers all the necessary supplies to go the extra step (if they haven't done so already). What is this? To consolidate for good in Europe's great powers. Given the facts, their future looks ideal, as they now have all the ... weapons to prove that this is not a firework of our time. How they can further reduce the distance from Real and Barca and how they really came to stay. And Chloe's biggest legacy will be to continue to do so after his departure. But it is certain that nothing had happened without his arrival.

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