The James McClain Revolution!

17's Night November 2009's was an ideal football night in the Northern Irish town of Ballymina, 8. This stadium, home to the hometown football team, hosted the match of the U21 national team of Northern Ireland against the Czech Republic, a match that ended with a win for 1-2.

The home team's scorers in that match were Norwood, Sheffield's international midfielder and Northern Ireland national team official (whether missing tonight due to injury in his national match). Like the Northern Ireland squad, Carson, the goalkeeper of U21 in that match, now has staff, Buck Katkart, midfielders Corey Evans and Shane Ferguson, striker Josh Hacken but also except shipment. The other 11 of the then 18ada either passed and never got past the men, or never reached that level. Fix, the others 10. Except for one, that is. Because 18os, not only has played national men's, but he is even more basic and irreplaceable with 62 matches and 10 goals! Just not in Northern Ireland!

James McClain was born in Northern Ireland, in Derry Witness, 1989. Several years after the infamous Troubles and Bloody Sunday, the killing of 13 civilians protesting against British "Guantánamo" and the months-long detention of 350 Irish as suspects of "terrorism", involvement in the IRA and "conspirators" in favor of the Union.

Having played football at Derry City, which competes in the Republic of Ireland championship, McClain never learned how to deal with issues that would affect him personally. And when his career led him elsewhere in England, Thummy took action: "I don't wear poppy *, because it does not symbolize the memory of the fallen in the two world wars, but of the British fallen of all wars from 1945 onwards. For someone born in Derry's Cregan or Boggside and Bradgwell and the wider Derry area in general, for someone who has lived through the darkest days of Irish history, being asked to wear poppy is disrespectful. to those who lost their lives in Troubles and Bloody Sunday in particular. "

McClain has been the target of protests, at the bowling alley this time, on English Championships precisely because he refused to wear a pop like his teammates in Stoke for another year. As he had denied it when he was playing at West Brom, Wigan in the past and as he would deny it in the middle.

How could a soccer player, 7 times international with Northern Ireland U21, choose to change the flag-coat of arms to represent something that does not mean anything to him? “I didn't feel part of the Northern Ireland team and I think every Catholic player who says he's comfortable in that team's shirt is lying. As a Catholic you feel you do not want to be there, you cannot stand in this hymn nor play for the flags of the split, the division of Ireland. Especially if you come from where I come from. " And so the 2012 McClain made his debut with the Republic of Ireland jersey, which he now defends as a loyal soldier from the 29 February 2012 who debuted against ... in the Czech Republic, a team that has finally hit him!

McClain has since fought for two Euros for Ere, being the favorite of the Irish rider (unfairly?) And of course at the expense of his choices as well as the timing (just a few 24 hours from the Rangers Memorial Day, the goal of the rally. English and United (Northern Irishmen, advocates of keeping the Union with Great Britain and partition of the island) have expressed fears of extreme events against him from the Northern Irish podium with what this might entail for D .

* Poppy: Picture of a flower (poppy), a symbol worn by the British on the annual Remembrance Day (November 11).

* Pictured here is the tattoo of McClane's foot, a depiction of the famous Bogdance Free Derry Corner wall with the inscription "You are entering free Derry", a historic site for the defenders of an independent non-partisan Ireland.