Under control …( PAYOUT – 5,67 )


* Qualifying phase for Euro 2020. The first and the second of each group are eligible. In the event of a tie in the group, they apply in the following order:
1) Among the matches, 2) Goal difference to the group, 3) Better attack on the group, 4) Better offensive attack on the group.

Analytically at Saturday’s Zoom:

# Ganian in the group Croatia – world champion – has a lot of quality players for 20 minutes to make a difference … a set of limited range Wales does not score in the training, let’s look elsewhere for points.

# Together the climate in Granada – worth it in terms of performance – returning to the big category is expected to close with winning the season … the chore in the match for Alcorcon is without a win since 23 February has to find nets 500 racing minutes.

# A comparative home advantage is the 3 rd place in Malaga counting 4 consecutive wins suggesting it wants more … Gracefully indifferent Elche dropped their 55b. go on vacation.

# Crash test the match for Greece in the first two games of the group sting 4b. (win with Liechtenstein – draw with Bosnia) wants a positive result at all costs … 5 away match passive Italy counts 2/2 wins will run as much as necessary, not step up. Dry under 2.5

# Loaded Underdogs Turkey runs 4 consecutive wins (Ter. 8-1) pulls out energy in front of its fanatic public … a speed up the “tricklor” are also coming from 4 consecutive wins playing with their surprise.

# Classico second- hand the Sport Recife – Vitoria smells of Brasileiro … wrongly stamped odds all possibilitys open. goals are expensive.

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Croatia – Wales
Greece – Italy
Turkey – France

under 2,5
goal / goal


Granada – Alcorcon
Malaga – Elche
Sport Recife – Vitoria

goal / goal