Under Denmark…


World Cup ση group stage.

# Tied up Denmark is running 5 consecutive under 2,5 (3-2-0) has not conceded a goal in the above games, the victory against Peru laid the foundations for qualifying for the "16" of the tournament as today it plays for two results; Australia's presence in the institution only once in its history has passed to the knockout phase.

# 9-3-1 the recent report for France prevailed with difficulty against Australia but did not perform as expected, M'Bape, Krizman, Matuidi and Zirou the magic quartet clears the laundry… fast team Peru creates final efforts won the impressions against Denmark.

# Argentina found them dark in the face of the Icelands' massive defense, they got stuck in 1-1 (Messi lost fatally) today the three-pointer needs to be sacrificed for many different reasons; expected and normal is Croatia's victory against Nigeria with foot in the next phase, in any case last match played with Iceland.

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Denmark - Australia
Argentina - Croatia