Value bet… (2 FUNDS - 4,94 & 4,84)


With 2 cash 4/4 points and total odds (30.38) ended yesterday's betting day… good food for those who followed let the rest beware.

Cl group stage… 4th round.

Let's go in detail and in depth:

# Rehn in the group with 5 consecutive victories in all competitions has not conceded a goal in the last 6/7 is unfair in terms of points; passed to the next phase Chelsea has made radical changes and is chasing the first in the group.

# Deforme Krasnodar before the recent victory against Tambov counted 5 consecutive defeats with 15 passive goals; in the best momentum Sevilla runs with 4/5 victories has experience and consistency in the back.

# Without gel margins, Paris, being a heavier roster, comes from 4 consecutive overs in Eul and the league will look for a rematch with all that entails; in the role of an underdog, Leipzig away from home does not easily find goals.

# The official undefeated streak of Lazio does not spoil, the ace has the whole value bet package, he is having a good season, he is on a qualifying track α lately in the group, Zenit in 3 matches has gained only 1 point.

# Worked team Dynamo makes strong appearances will go to a game of tactics in order to steal the result απο grand favorite against any opponent Barcelona is going through a crisis there are absences easily will hardly find the way to the nets.


PS G - Leipzig
Lazio - Zenit
Dynamo M. - Barcelona



Rennes - Chelsea
Krasnodar - Seville

TG 2-3
TG 2-3