VAR …penalty

The inauguration of the use of VAR in Greece was combined with its use by the German referee in the phase when the ball hit the hand of Kania. The two judges of Master Ref, K. Arikda and H. Tsikinis argue that it was a difficult phase, but they think they could get a shot while putting on the effectiveness of VAR.

Cup Final: PAOK – AEK 1-0, Referee: Felix Cwyer, Referees: Kostas Akrdas, Hercules Tsikinis.

Kostas Akridas:

“In general, we had a good deal of arbitration, in a game but meaningless, without a world, with nothing …The only difficult phase of the fight was the hand of Kania. For me there is a penalty of 70-30, because the ball is hit first on the leg and then in the hand, but the PAOK player’s hand is not in the normal position and changes course in the ball.

It was obvious that VAR could not finish off that great move by VAR. This phase has shown that VAR is not a panacea and it will not be easy to appease protests and passions. First of all, there must be good faith. If he was a Greek referee and did not give this penalty, we would have had terrible problems and let VAR exist.

Unfortunately in Greece there is a terrible bad faith and I am very afraid that it will not change anything with VAR because of the Greek … culture of protest and suspicion. I do not want to be a bad guy but I do not see VAR running in Greece like in other European championships.

Overall, Cowayer seemed to me slow in his whistles, did not whistle instantly, did not have the color of the hard and the simple foul on his whistle. His whistles were uniform from simple to hard foul. It was only at one stage that he had the strength when two-to-one AEK players protested for the penalty shootout and went to racket with PAOK players. He stood in the middle and seemed to have a fist and that he was strong.

Otherwise, it did not have other difficult phases, the football did not create problems, the field was not a world, it was just a good arbitration, if we exclude the penalty shootout stage, where I think his persistence was wrong even though he saw the VAR .

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