Dissolve it!

Well, guys, you know it has nothing to do with marches and demonstrations. It's known since the duduks came out. Not to be forgotten, Vgenopoulos blessed you with having uprised 2008 in order to oust Panathinaikos Vardinoyiannis. And what was the result? Multiparticulate and… Alafuzos.

The channel, that is, was brought by the militant world of the team. The persecutors of the family. And to put it bluntly, nobody knocked on Alafuzu's door. The multi-share shop collapsed and Alafouzos found the door open and entered.

31 people "visited" Koropi, not even 40 or 50 who write. Who were these main "activists"? They were recorded by the cameras and their details were given to the gang. These are not "organized" people who went to the training center, to express their dissatisfaction with the four from Mars.

About the scheduled motor race on Sunday, which will start at noon from the Avenue. Alafouzos demands that the share package be delivered to the ... amateur. To Giannakopoulos, that is. These things don't happen, guys. Why not the next boss of PAE to be Giannakopoulos, but as an entrepreneur, not as an amateur president.

No "change" caught up with the sidewalks. Alafouzos cannot. Agree. Alafouzos is inappropriate. Who says that? His seven years at Panathinaikos. The better the faster the team gets rid of him, and he gets rid of the team. The next phase, however, does not offer to shine after popular mobilizations. Which amateur to give the .. solution. So what if the PAE becomes part of the amateur, like cycling and boxing? You don't even say it in a cafe.

Businessman wants PAE. Not someone who will salladically take over the team.

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