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Heavy jersey…


Let's go to Sunday's choices:

Milan - Turin with bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

# Xanthi obviously has issues to solve, as well as 3 relentless defeats with zero goals ... with no goals, Olympiacos runs 5 match unbeaten at -6 from top to bottom X / 12 Independent Match Match.

# RESTAURANT FOR 2η position play Basel and Zurich have lost ground in the rankings (on 24b each) expected to give them all for the three point ... first choice goals on both sides followed by a double.

# The irreversible situation in Breda (7 defeats in 10 matches) defensively goes everywhere, indicative of receiving one 2,3 goal per match ... closer to victory, Fitseh moves upwards in the first 4 round of the table.

# Vail is hard to threaten at this stage at all times… at market prices Brondby's double has value and value, as 3η on the table comes from 4 series wins with 1 passive goals.

# 3 win-less match is a lot for Anderlecht traditionally having the upper hand (9-0-2) cut in the Europa League will shed weight in the league ... one breath from the first 6 team Charleroi scores in the 7 / XNUM.

# Milan heavy jersey has headquarters, tradition and motivation, while in case of victory today touches 3η table position ... highly effective in the final attempt Turin comes from 2 series wins plays excellent offensive runs 7 match unbeaten outside.


Xanthi - Olympiacos
Anderlecht - Charleroi
Milan - Turin



Basel - Zuerich
Breda - Vitesse
Veil - Broendby

goal / goal