Barometer "Bikelides" ...


Here are the highlights of Sunday:

# Record-breaking record for Heracles (4-series wins in 13-5 series) Scores 2 goals per match ... Groningen in 5 matches has scored just 1 away from time and time.

# In doubles odds, Spartak M.'s ace plays out of the half to keep the tradition over ... with 6 defeats in the last 7 and 1 goals in addition to Tula making it difficult to overcome.

# Highly productive set Gladbach counts 8 no-loss match (6-2-0) Scores on 13 as he comes from a clear-cut win against Bayern with 3-0 ... a difficult goal to score.

# Clearly the favoritism in Fiorentina extremely effective in "Artemio Frankie" counts the absolute (4 / 4 wins xNUMX-12) expected to clear it up with concise procedures ... less dynamic team Cagliari clearly has.

# Derby from the Old Mars - PAOK confuses the set of performances should have been more divided, both teams are in super mid-range making high quality suspensions they have issues ... in any case barometer the "bitcoin effect".

# Without knowing the risk, Betis - Valladolid probably refers to a high goal rate ... in the middle of the scoreboard the teams (from 12 b each) will be looking for a goal and a result.


Gladbach - Mainz
Fiorentina - Cagliari
Betis - Valladolid

goal / goal


Heracles - Groningen
Spartak M. - Arsenal Tula
Aris Thessaloniki - PAOK

TG 2-1