Based on the smaller categories ...


Hello my friends,

Tonight there is little mobility on the English stadiums, so we will base on the smaller classes.

Derby as part of the 33 race, welcomes Wigan. The home side are a much better team, though not in the best of form, having come from three consecutive defeats and a draw. However, I believe that the players will be egoistic in this game and with the drive to face the first round (Derby 0-1 won) and the help of its people, it will win and stay alive in their game. Play-Off.

Accrington hosts Blackpool in a game where the two teams are about equal, with Blackpool a bit better, but if we play away we will not risk and go to a more… safe option which is the goal / goal. , where he has come out five times in the last six games.

The last game between Cheltenham and Bury cannot be particularly analyzed, as the visitors are a much better team, in second place with four consecutive wins, while Cheltenham, well below 17.


Derby - Wigan
Accrington - Blackpool
Cheltenham - Bury

G / G