They make swords in London… (2 FUNDS - 6,05 & 5,94)


Hello my friends,

Second in the Premier League and third in the Championship, as we enter the competition in Europe's top leagues. Great game at 19: 30, we have the ultimate London derby at Stamford Bridge, between Chelsea and Arsenal.

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Leicester wants to earn its first points after losing to Manchester United by 2-1 at Old Trafford, but it was the team that had control of the game most of the time. Wolves on the other hand may not have been beaten at the premiere, but I don't think they can get away with a good result from the King power stadium.

My personal opinion is that Fulham is the first favorite to relegate, while Tottenham will be very high in the standings and maybe even under the champion title. I predict a comfortable victory for the home side with many goals.

Great local derby at Stamford Bridge, between Chelsea and Arsenal. The "blue" have a very good tradition with the regulars. Apart from that Arsenal that I saw against Manchester City disappointed me. I don't think she can change her image, while Chelsea's Shari shows that she has a future in this year's championship, as she did very well in the first game.

Middlesbrough may have started the championship with two wins and a draw against Bristol, which after two draws seems to be looking at itself and has yet to find a rhythm. I believe that the guests will continue to gain momentum and will be able to leave with three points.

Leeds have a very good team this year and look set to claim the Premier League after having won and already won two of their first two league games. Rotherham will be a mid-table group this year, with Leeds easily or hardly getting the 'pink' sheet.

West Brom may have started the league in moderation, but with their victory against Peterborough in the previous race, it shows that it is getting ahead of its return to the "big lounges". QPR at the start shows that it is not passing the tests, as in two games it has not scored, with hopes of getting a good result in the West Brom game being minimal to zero.


Leicester - Wolves
Tottenham - Fulham
Chelsea - Arsenal

1 & O 2.5


Bristol - Middlesbrough
Leeds - Rotherham
West Brom - QPR