Video Assistant Referee…

VAR entered football for good, to stop the game from being discredited by agents and agents with announcements and counter-announcements. Don't let the referees be stingy, "you're a bum" and "did you get it from the other one?" and to endanger their physical integrity in every stadium, by the spirits that light up the world after statements on statements by purebred actors such as those who live and breathe for the team, take them from it to be just that, trumpeters and to influence the correct judgment of referees, the ideal atmosphere of player ball performance.

Are we talking too much? No. The VAR (and not the VAR as we used to call it) entered the game so that bad luck would not happen in every strange phase, in every marginal decision. And what did Video Assistant Referee do? To do it all whores! He succeeded!

Every Sunday the bitterness in the Greek balladosphere makes it a bumblebee with statements instead of statements. For VAR's ostentatious scam he didn't see the stage properly, for the stump technician who didn't pass the field referee the perfect shots, for the bum whistler who didn't go to the screen to see if the player's phase was sideways, which is " it would be half a goal if we were to make it clear.

And this is done in any case, either the crown hangs the coin or the letters. If today's tadopoulos agent asks "alright why you didn't go to VAR to see the pure benal" himself the savvy veteran himself on Sunday will be excused: "It was no job for Referer to go consult VAR, the phase with the naked eye. And all the crypts have the same incarnation permanently: SCANDAL!

In Greece, does crying only play ball? The scandal and the idiot of the permanently wronged? No! The VAR scandal continues in Spanish football, with the television station handling the footage launching a counterattack following a complaint by the Football Association.

In Valencia's goal against Athletic Bilbao, the VAR showed that the goal was normal, while the channel that broadcast the game was seen in the offside phase. and the Spanish Football Federation decided to sue Mediapro for misleading the TV audience! And the whole premise came to boomerang her! Why did the Mediapro cap come to publish photos, where it seems that various people enter the VAR room, among them the head of the VAR from the Spanish Football Federation, Antonio Gato! we are talking about the ultimate scandal. The channel says that they came in to influence and it defames the Federation! Also, in another photo that came out, the VAR referee seems to be taking pictures with his mobile phone, which is forbidden.

For its part, the Spanish Football Federation responded, clarifying that it is forbidden for anyone to enter the VAR room unless they have a relevant license only at half time, while adding that photos from the mobile phone are allowed in cases where it is deemed necessary.

You understand what cloudy water we are fishing in these first season of VAR that came to our rescue and football will finally tear it apart. Because, let's not forget, the great Cruyff had said it too. Football is a game of mistakes. These shape the score. The mistake of the goalkeeper, the buck, the wrong ball of the midfield, the wrong shot of the striker. And the wrong thing about the game is. And when you eliminate it, you start interfering with the game's medallion. and that's good, it's not.