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# Leaderboard Lockeren Score 2 + 4 Goals Last In Live Staying… Unreasonably low prices at Club Bruges are deformed with no racing inspiration (2 wins in 8 matches). first fate to the doubler.

# Rising Ghanaian Palermo runs 11 undefeated racing arrivals 31b. tie for first place with Brescia traditionally has the upper hand in the match (4-2-0)… 12 / 16 under Ascoli has her first top scorer hard to threaten in the 'Barber' will go for the result.

# Verona found pressures coming from strong performances (2 wins 2 draws) remains on the rise bay ... with under-performance Chitantella counting 4 scoreless draws maintains the best 12 goal defense.


Lokeren - Club Brugge
Palermo - Ascoli
Verona - Cittadella

goal / goal
TG 2-3