He finds momentum….


It is Holy Saturday, to be resurrected with a maid of honor from our beloved Belarus. For no reason. 1X2 forget them from me. So far everyone is losing out on everything and finding points is harder than finding the flu vaccine. That's why I'm going with a 1,5 overs (BATE) and a double in Rook Brest - Minsk.


BATE reminded a team and a title contender by scattering Minsk away with a score of 0-3. Fantastic appearance with many opportunities for goals and three goals against a team that this year will be difficult for all the greats of Belarus. The bet now is to keep this look and find momentum victories, now facing the "tough" Zondino. Undoubtedly she has the quality to do it and the psychology she got with her victory over Minsk gives her an air of victory.

In the opposing camp now, Zondino in turn made an excellent appearance against Energetic and took the victory with a score of 2-0. This year he is making an excellent run so far, having conceded just 2 goals and having scored 4 times in as many games. However, it seems that she has her issues away from home as she lost her hands from the bad Dynamo Minsk this year.

It will definitely not be a walk for BATE but here the logic says that we have to rely on the momentum of the hosts, expecting them to score at least 2 times against the not so good away Zondino. BATE Over 1,5 So…

Rock Brest - FC Minsk

The hosts are not seen this year. We are talking about a team that has scored just 4 goal in its first 1 league games. She can't score and so she can't translate her not so bad defensive image into points. In order not to offend her, however, she had a difficult schedule and may not be as bad a team as she seems at the beginning. Now he is facing the worst defense in the league and that is none other than the FC. Maybe it's time to go overboard and score at least one goal against a team that has conceded 4 (!) Goals in 8 games.

On the opposite bank, the most rock team in the league. The joy of over. We said from the beginning that this team, if it is corrected defensively, will go for big things. This does not seem to be the case, however. She lost 3-0 at home to BATE, making her worst appearance this year by far. However, she has certainly not forgotten to score, because in her last match against BATE, despite the fact that the scoreboard was three-pointer, she had opportunities to score.

The bishop takes a risk here as both will be chased by Rook to unbutton and FC to confirm that this year they are good offensively. So Goal Goal.

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BATE - Zhodino
Ruch Brest - FK Minsk

BATE Over 1,5 Goal
G / G