Without a goal …


Let’s go to Saturday’s models:

# The motivation is Livorno is at the momentum of winning an undefeated run of 8 games in Armando Picki, while in the 3 most recent games he has 3 consecutive wins without a goal … he has made traditional weaknesses and Salernitana is not in a position to threaten.

# Applying to the draws, Setubal (8/10 match) hopefully completed 14 games without victory moving marginally above the belt … a click more qualitative on all lines Braga chases 3rd place in the table with that implies.

# Headquarters, momentum, tradition and performance advocated for Cádiz (5/6 wins) remains to prove it and in practice … vice versa Lugo’s progress has been the same as in the first round.

# 4th victory in the last 5th races Verona is a breath of the direct rising play with the winner psychology … Fighting whole Ascoli in vain will fight for the positive result, better to look for allo for points.

# Records for the category data the 5 consecutive wins with zero passivity on the Turin side claiming on a equal footing a ticket for the next Europa League … constantly within zone Bologna aggressively has a problem in the goals.

# The ultimate salvation effort will be attempted by Breda changing face in front of its audience but has the backgrounds to score … unstable and unpredictable set Utrecht but with easy goal remains in the most offside zone.

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Livorno – Salernitana
Cadiz – Lugo
Torino – Bologna



Setubal – Braga
Verona – Ascοli
Breda – Utrecht

goal / goal