Clear favorite… (3 CASHS - 5.40 - 4.35 - 7.00)


The main dish in the rematch for the "32" of EuL… and a little in the rest of the program.

Let's go in detail:

# Fluid in the 1-1 of the first match, the qualification to the neutral "G. Karaiskakis "… a disastrous year for Arsenal and Benfica at home, they have ups and downs in their performance with a difficult goal, the only way out of the Europa League.

# Infallible in the last 10 in all competitions Ajax perhaps the most formed team in Europe has taken the air of Lilika counts 3 consecutive victories  Or nothing is over for Lille (Champions League champions are running at +4) possibly in Friday's draw for the round of 16

# A click on all the lines of the field, Shakhtar "passed" with a clear victory in Tel Aviv (2-0) will make a maintenance of forces; victory of the Ukrainians with concise procedures.

# Rugby the first match in Belgium has a better roster Rangers cleared the laundry (3-4)… difficult Antwerp work wants a victory with 2 goals difference.

# On the ropes, Napoli lost with their hands down in Spain (2-0) final, today's match for Gattuso plays its head… comparative lead in Granada accepts the goal, systematically has the worst defense in La Liga (41 passive goals).

# Irreversible situation for Eindhoven needs a victory with 3 goals difference comes from 4 close over 2.5 in all competitions… stepped foot in Faliro Olympiakos found nets four times plays 75% -25% the qualification scores at will.

# The match Leverkusen - Young Boys (3-4) leaves crowns open… with good goal frequencies the teams in any case will have goals from both sides.

# Security score 2-0 for Roma is running undefeated at UeL since 2017 can easily qualify τώ under the circumstances Braga will react on the field.

# Super Leicester in PL makes popes run undefeated 7-2-0 in Europe favored by 0-0 in the Czech Republic… of the underdog plate Slavia Prague is not an easy task if found on a good day the project turns around.

# A clear favorite Fluminense is chasing entry into the groups of the Copa Libertadores wants a victory and a twist of Sao Paulo; one or the other match for Fortaleza even with a defeat has reached the goal of staying.

# The decisive recent defeat by Botafogo took "out" of Libertadores Sao Paulo; victory is the motto in the locker room of Flamengo - if Internazionale does not beat Fortaleza - while lagging behind in a possible tie "loses" in the goal difference.


Ajax - Lille
Naples - Granada
Fluminense - Fortaleza



Shakhtar - Maccabi Tel Aviv
Rangers - Antwerp
PSV - Olympiacos

TG 2-3
goal / goal


Arsenal - Benfica
Rome - Braga
Leverkusen - Young Boys

TG 2-3
goal / goal
goal / goal


Leicester - Slavia Pr.