Montrich's armada begins…


Today, Croatia goes down to the World Championship with a lot of experience and great demands on its roster, but it is not the most credible team in big competitions. Real's brain, Luca Montrich, and her experienced midfielders are a big force. Her opponent, Nigeria, who has previously dealt with us one way or another, will probably be limited to a passive role as she has big defenses but as an African team she has DNA of the speed on the counter. The Europeans are showing the favorite but I expect it will be an open match.

It shows Peru in good form again in the Mundial after 1982 and has not been defeated in 15 matches. It is a team that relies heavily on good inhibitory and then beyond the inspiration of Flores and the experience of veteran top scorer Guerrero. It is always an unpredictable team, capable of the best and the worst but knowing that today's match will decide who will follow France to the next stage, I expect to play conservative. In any case I find it ambiguous.


Croatia - Nigeria
Peru - Denmark

G / G