Starting ... (FUND - 4,01)


Hello my friends,

Today is a great day as it starts full action on the England and Scotland stadiums, with all categories starting, except the Premier League in England and the whole of Scotland. As long as the teams are out of the race and with a bit of a summer break in mind, I will very much trust the tradition of the matches.

West Brom, who were relegated from the Premier League last season, I think will come forward to show that they will soon be back in the 'big salons'. Opposite her is Bolton, a team, not a particular scare, with the hosts having the support of her people and leading her to her first victory, which will give her impetus and psychology to fight the rise.

Great game is expected at Millwall-Middlesbrough. Two teams with heavy jerseys and history, having recorded several Premier League appearances in their history. Our history has been pretty over the last few years and I will end up there, as the two teams have played Millwall in seven matches, only one ended under, which was at the limit (0-2 Middlesbrough in December of 2013).

Brentford are a team that is close to the top spots every year and I think it will be another such season this year. Rotherham is also a team that neither drops nor goes up. And for that I believe it will be one of the season itself. I predict a lot in this game, because of Brentford's best team, but also because the home side are counting three consecutive wins.

Hearts have been going well against Hamilton in recent years, as the hosts have been familiar with the hosts' defeat since 2015 in August, with Hearts counting five wins since then and three games ending in a draw. Specifically since August of 2015 and since then has two doubles, which are even continuous.

At Kilmarnock-St. Johnstone, I notice that in recent years, almost all games have expired over 2,5. Specifically in the last seven games four have expired 2-3 goals, while in the last five with home side Kilmarnock, four have expired.

The Celtic Champion welcomes the weak Livingston in the premiere. I think the game will be very easy for the team of Breendan Rodgers, with the "hot" world of Celtic at its side, it will pave the way for another championship, as it is again the first favorite to win the championship.


West Brom - Bolton
Millwall - Middlesbrough
Brentford - Rotherham

Over 2.5


Hamilton - Hearts
Kilmarnock - St. Johnstone
Celtic - Livingston

2-3 Goals