It starts with the right one ...


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# Sampson's team Mets "passed" from Brest home at the premiere has not conceded goals in the 3 / 4 friendly and officially ... limited range Orléans have problems all along the line.

# The tradition of Hamburg has been broken, for the first time in its history it will compete in the Champions League, undoubtedly chasing big rising favorites starting with the right one ... without realizing Kiel lags behind in quality and experience.

# 2η first race in Belgium shows that Standard has a relative victory over and double favorment ... with good finish rates Beveren scores in the last 5 independent.

# Fictitious set of performances in Bohemian - Limerick both are in the same fate they will fight to avoid the playoffs ... possibly under 2,5 with or without goals.


Metz - Orleans
Hamburgers - Kiel
Bohemian - Limerick

Under 2,5