Overcome the crisis…


Let's go to the main points:

# Atromitos is the best in the individual chases the entrance to the playoffs, it has the funds for the three-pointer… satellite in the category, Lamia is looking for lifeline, it comes from 3 consecutive under-outs, it has celebrated only once in 1 matches.

# Under control the match in Vikelidis first point the tie, tight midfield Aris in the last 10 has kept his home intact. The manageable situation in the locker room of AEK comes from 2 consecutive victories with the same score will look for the result.

# On the plate, the prices in Heerenveen - Valvac are unmistakable; in the red, the teams count from 3 & 4 consecutive defeats, they play more in order not to lose than to win.  

# A comparative lead in Arsenal (3-1-0 ter.8-1) in case of victory rises to the top 10 of the table; near the goal of staying Crystal Palace builds tradition can make it a derby.

# Semi-final Super Cup knockout the match in overtime and penalties σε plays in all boards Real M. overcame the crisis of November chases for 2η consecutive year the trophy… behind the ball Bilbao and in a passive role difficult to overtake.

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Heerenveen - Waalwijk
Arsenal - Crystal P.
Real M. - Bilbao

goal / goal


Atromitos - Lamia
Aris - AEK

TG 2-3
TG 2-3