Atletico M. Doubles Double


Let's go on Saturday's drive:

Leipzig - Dortmund with refund *, countless markets and super odds on

# A favorite against any opponent Real M., regardless of home and delivery form, is playing championships outside of the trio ... 1 win at 6 lately Seville out of Andalusia comes out on the complex.

# Falling out of the first round, Huesca can't stand upright ... Atletico M. is in double-double at -5 from Barcelona and has no room for loss. Indicatively counts just 2 defeats in 30 matches in all competitions.

# Nature's attacking teams Alkmaar and Utrecht score first and consistently ... both chasing 4η position will go into the open court and whatever he wanted to emerge.

# Nothing special Zwolle being the last on the table hard to avoid staying in the barracks ... superior quality Feyenoord - fair play at these prices - easy or difficult to expect to achieve.

# In full performance, the Monaco ace comes from 3 tie-breakers remaining in the zone of most outs playing in the tradition of over ... ceiling hit table Strasbourg goes no further.

# Coronation letters the Leipzig-Dortmund couple have a suspended project, split and in terms of returns difficult to draw ... first point over 2,5.


Real Madrid - Sevilla
Huesca - Atletico M.
Monaco - Strasbourg



Leipzig - Dortmund
Alkmaar - Utrecht
Zwolle - Feyenoord

goal / goal
goal / goal