Dry under…


The weight in Brazil… Serie A

# Headquarters, modem and storytelling advocate a victory for Baia, no stay issues running 9 / 10 under… strong suspense Ceara burns for pitches will also look for the result. Dry under with or without ends.

# Slim balances at Cruiseiro - Corinthians hard to come up with the winner the point is convenient to each other ... hugs would leave the pitch.

# Sporting better, Sport counts 3 wins in equal number of games in front of its audience playing with the tradition of over ... open ventilation Vitoria's defense being the worst in the league to receive sack goals (55 passive goals).

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Bahia - Ceara
Cruzeiro - Corinthians
Sport Recife - Vitoria

during 2,5

1008.66Sportingbet-100 qualifying.