Dry under…


The joy of the national team friendly bowlers is for the levers ... let's get in the flow:

# Everything has been judged in the group of both will test forces, first by the way Portugal has cleared the rise wants to close with victory at this stage ... embrace the relegation Poland comes from 3 series defeat under normal conditions will close its obligations.

# In full swing, the Swedish assault - passed by fire and iron from Turkey with (0-1) today only wants a win to lock up the rise ... Russia plays for two results lacking in key form. Tight match closes to the seat.

# Rodeo match in Glasgow very few goals, Scotland just needs a win while Israel comes in and draws ... both 6b. will go out into the open court and whatever he wants to do. Dry and well paid under 2,5

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Portugal - Poland
Sweden - Russia
Scotland - Israel

TG 2-3
during 2,5