The project unfolds…

Just grab the texts which have been written in this corner, in the editorial, and you will see the whole work unfolding in front of you, we have been watching for the last few days. And I explain. I did not have time to close the week with the text of Roma uploaded, team 3-4 twenty-four hours is the whole phase and the record turned from the other side. The Giallorossi beat Spezia in the championship, while two or three days before the cup they snatched the trophy of the year and the exclusion came prematurely. In other words, another team was the one you saw in the cup, Roma, another team just two or three days later.

And because of the joys of the Italians we saw them, go a little further? What phase is this Real? You saw what happened in the cup and he was completely disfellowshipped by a certain Alcoyano. After saying that, the goalkeeper of the team that threw out Kojaman queen with 13 Champions League in her wallet, is a baker. That is, he defeated the Benzemades, the Ramos and the Zintanides, went home, drank some milk and fell asleep dry. In order to be able to get up unharmed, he still has to bake loaves, buns, cheese pies and other such savory dishes.

And the Frenchman for whom Madrid drinks water in his name, Zidane, showed that he goes through the whole story. In other words, he did not put a big hand on the players. Dowley such a years of games. Loaded like a donkey returning from the threshing days of the harvest. And what to say if the cup is lost? Do not tell you that Zidane was already happy that he will have two or three dates left to breathe and not to burst his roster. Because no matter how professional the other person is, when he plays Wednesday Sunday for nine months, he will run away from you. We have said this before, it is not new to you.

And here they come out. The teams are cracking. And they pop teams that have coaches who walk and drag them. You saw what happened to Liverpool. He picked up a few cops in a row and went and partyed her in Anfield and even a Burnley. That's okay England, a league in which the surprise is as standard as the corners and the arrows. But for nothing to come to you in Anfield after years you have not lost and to make your enema, well, is not that best. Because it is one thing to lose to United, with which you brought 0-0 off, it is another thing for City to take your seat and it is another thing for Burnley to make you a culture and a three-pointer in your home. Or I'm wrong;

And with these and with those, is approaching in 2016. With Leicester parading and having nothing to envy from Liverpool, United and City. And if he does the miracle this year and steals their wallets from their pockets, it will not be 2016. He will not have caught them sleeping like then, he will have taken them down normally, in equal measure and by law. And maybe the whole of Europe is full of examples of groups that the programs as they came out this year due to coronavirus expose them and bring them to their limits. To be full of examples such as Roma, Real, Liverpool and why not Leverkusen, Leipzig and many others like that. So Europe may be full of such examples, but the effort made by teams like Leicester, Atletico, why not the Milan of childhood, but also other such examples, show that even the most difficult seasons should be fun. teams with endless rosters, in the ball the difference is made by the soul, the quality, and the goggles…