No TV Roof…

Since the government is considering pushing NOVA's Super League 1 teams, which have a contract with ERT, the question is whether or not the pay-channel can lift their weight.

The television landscape in Super League 1 is currently shaped as follows: Aris, Panetolikos, Atromitos, Xanthi and Lamia have a contract with public television. So does Panathinaikos, who has reportedly already agreed with NOVA. In addition, PAOK and OFI are currently without a television station, and they had agreed with ERT in the pre-election period.

The other teams have only agreed with NOVA.

About NOVA and the forthcoming football television developments: “Nova, after the deal with Panathinaikos, has the money in its pockets to take advantage of the government's… assists and get the whole package, even if if there is an "asterisk" for the PAOK debutant.

Subscriber channel sources recently reported that "after the deal with Panathinaikos there is no saliva". Something that makes it clear that even if there is a starting point for negotiations, it will not be with the terms of the teams, but with those of Nova.

That is, with the money, that is, who wants and can pay the subscriber, not with the money requested by PAE or ERT. LIVE, however, also reveals a dimension that can give the subscriber further impetus and possibly play a role in shaping developments.

According to market sources, a deal might be expected, possibly immediately, for a strong teammate to enter Forthnet. The stake in the consortium, in fact, includes a strong domestic TV market player and a global investment colossus, with banks watching it warmly.

The longest possible deal with Vodafone - Wind is considered "tired", "rusty" and has weakened.

The new "consortium" that entered the game shows a lot of promise, according to the same sources. "