There is also the rematch…


CL qualifying phase playoff… there is also the rematch.

Let's go in detail:

# There is a distance for Champions League qualifiers in the odds set based on the image of the teams and given the conditions. Tough team Maccabi comes from a series of 3 wins with a total score of 5-0 will go regularly for the result… difficult the mission of Salzburg counts 5 exclusions in the playoffs wants to break the series.

# Slavia Prague will look for a qualifying score in view of the replay in Denmark - being more experienced in the institution - it has a higher quality in its game; it will certainly not fall unmoved.

# Fast on the offensive side, Krasnodar scores in dt time if it finds places it will punch, it has risen in recent years it has entered the elite of Russian football it sees a championship… one step before entering the groups ropes »Besiktas and Benfica have psychology and impetus for the positive result.


Maccabi TA - Salzburg
Slavia Pr. - Midtjylland
Krasnodar - PAOK

goal / goal
over 2,5